Useful tips for pet owners

I want to thank Vladimir Vladimirovich Frolov for your attention to our Chihuahua Marseilles. Quickly and professionally examined, removed a loose tooth without anesthesia, and Tartar removed. I was very worried as the dog moved anesthesia. It turned out, all manipulations could be carried out without it. Marcel didn’t even make a sound! Thank you for the health of nerves and intact dog owners pet.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Frolov has led very quickly to a sense of our Mushu, Thai cat that 2 days of not eating, was very weak and slept all the time. Barely the head was kept. Arrived very quickly, was very attentive and had all the necessary treatment. 3 hours after he left the cat almost came back to normal. Now assigned and after the treatment, the cat became frisky, his appetite, plays, the skin became soft. Musa and the fourteenth year. Our thanks to a wonderful doctor!

I want to Express my gratitude to the operators of veterinary clinics Beethoven, who gave a competent and detailed consultation, responding to my questions. At first I thought it a publicity stunt with the promise of free consultations and the money will Continue reading

What better animal to have for a child

A pet is not just a family member, but a true and loyal friend to the child. That’s why kids often ask their parents the bird, cat, dog, hamster, and other animal. If you do decide to have a child a pet, it is important to choose an animal based not on the desire of the baby, and at his age, the nature and characteristics of different animals.

The age of the child

Choosing a pet for your child, consider the age of the baby, because a very small 2-3 year old child will not be able to provide complete animal care, but will not even understand what it is and how to treat it.

1. 3 to 5 years.

At this age it is recommended to purchase baby small furry animals (rabbit, hamster, Guinea pig) or bird (parrot or a Canary). At this age the child begins to understand what is and what is not, so these little animals that do not require special care, but still need it, will help the child develop a sense of responsibility and self-control.

2. From 5 to 9 years

If the child is older, it does not mean that he should buy more animal. At this age the child is able to fully take care of a small rodent, a bird and even a cat or small dog. Toddlers are able to wash the cage to feed the animal, pour water,walk, etc. Continue reading

My Pets

Participation in the project “My Pets” will allow you to tell what animals live near you. The results of your answer and answers of other participants will appear on the project map. Using it, you will be able to find someone who contains the same Pets as you do, and learn about what else can be the Pets from other members.

Since ancient times man began to domesticate animals, he gave them shelter and food, they have food, clothing, and protection. Now no one can say for sure which ones were the first home. Similarly, to know when animals started to make not only for profit, but for fun, when the first Pets.

What Pets do you know? Cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, fish, turtles?Surely the list is much longer and it will get exotic for some countries animals. For example, for Russia exotic Pets are the crocodile, giraffe or kangaroo. And maybe they are traditionally taught in Africa or in Australia? Only with the help of all participants of Globallab living in different parts of the world, we will be able to see which Pets are typical for different countries and parts of the world.

By participating in this project, you will be able not only to tell about their Pets, not only to find people who keep the same animals as you, but also learn a lot about the geographical distribution of different Pets. Continue reading

Almaty hosted the exhibition-show that featured dog breeds tazy and Tobet.

Astana, September 15. In Kazakhstan revive national dog breeds – the tazy and Tobet. In Akmola region held the first Republican exhibition-looking, four-legged, tells the correspondent of “MIR 24” Saule Sagynbaeva.

Dogs of rock basins in Kazakhstan have always been appreciated for their perseverance, intuition, loyalty and cleanliness. They only were allowed to live in a Yurt.

Kazakh Greyhound named “Adal”, which means “devotee”, never failed his mistress. On the run she always takes prize places.

“I only saw a little, love. We are constantly together. It is already the second year”, – says the owner of the dog Nailya Shayakhmetova.

Tazy was always the nurse. It used to be that one such dog could feed a small village of five or six yurts.

Tobet, or Kazakh wolfhound, and helped herd cattle. One dog capable of defending the flock 50 head of cattle.

“The most comfortable dog – and by the way, both in size and in psyche. My children do not sit astride him, take a stick and chase. They use it as a small horse, or pony,” said the dog’s owner Samat Saparbayev.

Dog, Tobet by nature reserved and friendly, despite the impressive sizes. Their weight may exceed 50 pounds, and the height at the withers is 80 centimeters.

“They are afraid of its power, but they are not aggressive to humans, this magnificent inner psyche. People are very friendly, look, they are wary, they are attentive, but allowed to touch it, and it’s not a favor,” – emphasizes the expert of the international category Nina Makarova. Continue reading

Love and responsibility.

Without them our life would be a lot more than Sura and emotionless. Who else is able to unselfishly give us your affection every day, not as cute heart Pets?

Some are fluffy, some not so good, but obviously that love to many of them living with us at home, have spawned an entire industry and culture. Today, there are a number of varieties of our younger brothers who are willing to share with us our living space and will become true friends.

Before you have a pet

If someone thinks that interesting little Pets, even those that live in the aquarium, deliver much less of a hassle or they need less of our attention, it is fundamentally wrong. It is not enough to buy it in the market and bring to the apartment. Despite the fact that muzzle any breed can be awfully cute in a store window, it is not necessarily easy to fit into your everyday lifestyle of a person. To give answers to many questions will help our site about Pets.

First, you need to think several times before in your apartment will Lodge Pets. The most interesting of the animals is able to deliver us a lot of problems, unwittingly. Even different breeds of cats or dogs have their own unique needs. Some need every day to comb, while others require dlitelnogo and so on. Fish need a special habitat in the aquarium.

For example, the most interesting and unique breed dogs should follow the traditions that have developed historically from them. Otherwise, you risk to ruin their entire lineage. Many Pets have a commitment to various diseases – even if they are not dangerous to your family members, they threaten to the animal. Don’t forget that Pets do not have a speech to give to to understand about his poor health. Continue reading

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